Why Liquid Vitamins

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I am a health-conscious man in his seventies, who has experienced, along the way, some of the typical macho notions that often motivate men to do things they don't feel comfortable with, instead of admitting to themselves (or anyone else) how they really feel.


Once I discovered the value of vitamins, sometime in my 30's, I started forcing myself to "grin and bear it," while swallowing the pills and capsules containing the vitamins I decided to use every morning. For some reason, I could never get myself to feel comfortable with the pills and capsules that most vitamin manufacturers use. But it never occurred to me that there was an alternative to going through the unsettling, and sometimes downright scary process of trying to get their vitamins to slide down my throat on a daily basis. I don't know why it took me this long, but I must have struggled through this process for a good fifteen or twenty years before it finally occurred to me to look online, and see if anyone was selling vitamins in liquid form.

It didn't take long for me to discover not only that there are numerous manufacturers of liquid vitamins, but the options, depending on your age, and what you are trying to achieve with the vitamins you are taking, are almost endless. I also found out very quickly that liquid vitamins usually had less of that unpleasant aftertaste that often follows taking vitamins in the traditional pill or capsule form. Common sense tells me that liquid vitamins are also absorbed more quickly into your system and, since I have made it into my 70's, and I'm still feeling great, I'm now completely convinced that liquid vitamins are simply better, in almost every respect.

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Here is perhaps the most compelling reason for my decision to create Liquid Vitamins World. In a recent study, it was determined that literally THOUSANDS of people die every year, as the result of choking on multivitamin and food supplement capsules and pills. This makes me wonder: how many of the thousands of people who die every year, choking on multivitamin capsules or pills, even realized that liquid vitamins offered a simple, far safer alternative, that would have saved their life? My guess is that few, if any of them, even realized that liquid vitamins was an alternative to the pill or capsule that eventually got stuck in their throat, and killed them.


It has always occurred to me that the chance to make the world better and safer, for even a single person, is one of the greatest, and most satisfying opportunities life has to offer. I have always admired physicians, nurses, lifeguards, good samaritans, police officers, members of our armed services, and everyone else in an occupation which provides them the opportunity to save peoples lives--and sometimes, make the entire world better and safer, on an ongoing basis.

When I put together this lifelong admiration for anyone who has had the good fortune to save someone else's life, with the one or two near-choking experiences I've had myself, while attempting to swallow a multivitamin pill, with my recent discovery of the thousands of people who die every year from multivitamin pills, and with my knowledge of the simple alternative of liquid vitamins, the course of action for me was clear: to establish a website that might help to "spread the word" about the alternative of liquid vitamins, to as many people as possible. At worst, if all I do is succeed in helping a handful of people to find a more comfortable, and easier method for consuming the vitamins they have trained themselves to take on a daily basis, I will have achieved something positive, simply by making the lives of that handful of people a little better, and safer. At best, if the knowledge of Liquid Vitamins World becomes sufficiently widespread to enter the consciousness of the public at large, and this website encourages hundreds, or even thousands of others to begin to switch from multivitamin capsules and pills, to liqid vitamins, the numbers who die from choking on vitamin pills and capsules every year may actually begin to diminish. While I realize this may be a longshot, if it happens, and I can join the ranks of those who enjoy the inner satisfaction of knowing they have done something that can help save the lives of others on an ongoing basis, then the goal of this website will truly have been accomplished.

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In keeping with our CEO’s respect for the “lifesavers” we all owe so much to (see, Why Liquid Vitamins?), 5% of the net proceeds of all purchases made on Liquid Vitamins World will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project, and 5% will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – but we still guarantee that you pay the same low prices on our productsas you would pay on Amazon.com. In other words, when you purchase Liquid Vitamins, Liquid Supplements, Fish Oil, or Olive Oil on the Liquid Vitamins World Website, you are effectively making a donation to two outstanding charitable organizations, the Wounded Warriors Project and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, at no cost whatsoever to yourself !

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