Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Liquid Vitamin World is completely committed to protecting your personal information while you use our website. The Privacy Policy expands to any information we collect about you via:

  • Our website
  • Social media
  • Our Contact US page

When you sign up or access to Liquid Vitamin World’s website, we may receive certain personal information about you which might include your name, email ids, social media handles, postal address, mobile or telephone number, date of birth, gender, or any other information collected about your use of the website. Liquid Vitamin World might also collect information about how you use our website or our content online.

Liquid Vitamin World might use your information for a number of purposes including for online content or communicating information about the products, for advertising on the site, customization of the content and so on. We might also use the information for analysis or research purposes to work towards the betterment of our services. We might use IP addresses to block any disruptive use, identify the location of customers, customizing the content of our sites based on browsing behaviors and more.

If Liquid Vitamin World makes use of any such personal information provided by you for any reason other than the aforementioned one, you will be notified and you approval will be taken. However, if any kind of offensive, criminal or inappropriate content is posted anywhere on the Liquid Vitamin World website, we might use your personal information to stop such activities or behavior or inform law enforcement agencies.



In keeping with our CEO’s respect for the “lifesavers” we all owe so much to (see, Why Liquid Vitamins?), 5% of the net proceeds of all purchases made on Liquid Vitamins World will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project, and 5% will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – but we still guarantee that you pay the same low prices on our products as you would pay on In other words, when you purchase Liquid Vitamins, Liquid Supplements, Fish Oil, or Olive Oil on the Liquid Vitamins World Website, you are effectively making a donation to two outstanding charitable organizations, the Wounded Warriors Project and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, at no cost whatsoever to yourself !